Black Men and the Coronavirus

Black Men and the Coronavirus

COVID-19 arrived on US shores in early 2020, and has been wreaking havoc on black lives since. Despite new cases in the U.S. seemingly climaxing back in mid April, people are still very concerned and in some cases very confused about the viral pandemic and how it disproportionately affects Black Men.

Our in-house health/medical expert Kayode Smith, NP-C sat with Eric K. Thomas of The Quintessential Gentleman for a candid conversation about the virus that continues to affect millions globally.

They discussed how the virus has affected Black males in particular, and debunked several myths that were circulating within that community. Knowledge about the virus increases daily, so the aim of this discussion was to provide a foundation for less informed groups to build upon. They discussed:

  • Who is at risk for severe disease or death?
  • Is COVID-19 just like the flu?
  • Can cats and dogs spread COVID-19?
  • Is the coronavirus affecting Black and Brown people more than any other race?
  • Is shelter-in-place really an effective strategy to combat the pandemic?
  • Has COVID-19 been found in men semen
  • Are there effective treatments?

Catch the interview below!

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