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Keys To Consciousness: Facts and Ideas That Every Man, Woman, and Child of the Diaspora Should Know


The first 500 purchasers of the ebook version of this transformative guide to Black Consciousness will receive a mailed, autographed copy when when physical prints are available in late August 2020 (right on time for the honorable Marcus M. Garvey’s birthday).

This robust epub file works on most phones, tablets and e-readers and is a digital pre-cursor to the paperback release of what @blackmenwho describes as “a treatise that pens the most important strategies and axioms that are central to developing a contemporary Black consciousness.”

This book is indeed a tool for Black liberation and it’s available now for a third of the paperback price. Sign up on our mailing list or email us here for your personalized autograph details as well as your preferred shipping address!

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Inspired by the words and accomplishments of Pan African giants of the past, Kwesi Legesse presents this guide to consciousness as an entry point and supplement for anyone searching for a standard understanding of Pan African principles and the so called conscious movement.

Both have been historically under-represented, misunderstood, and even vilified by mainstream media and institutions, leaving a knowledge deficit that threatens the collective progress of people of African descent (Kwesi refers to them as PADs) worldwide.

Like countless others, Kwesi senses a new consciousness arising; and with the network effect now afforded to us by the internet, social media, and social networks, this guide could very well serve as the blueprint to revolution, balance, and of course, Black Excellence.

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