Every Influencer needs to do THIS in order to take their brand to the next level

Every Influencer needs to do THIS in order to take their brand to the next level

So you are a successful influencer on one or more social media platforms. You know just how much effort you had to put in order to attain your current status and following. Chances are, if asked the right questions you could even outline a blueprint to your success; one that could potentially serve as a roadmap for others to do the same. 

Know The Extent of Your Influence

If you truly understand the full extent of your influence, then you probably already have considered writing a book. Yea, I know – reading and writing is not for everyone, but just like the tech and web based tools you used to boost your ranking as an influencer, there are ways  to delegate or outsource the arduous task of writing a book as well. Whatever the format (ebook, print, audiobook, or all of the above), having a personalized, formalized, standardized, sellable representation of your brand and values is essential to the longevity of your influence as well as brand recognition.


Boost Your Influence

Think about your current fame as a very tasty meal – the flavor and the immediate gratification are amazing, but once the meal is over you are soon hungry again and craving another. Penning a proper guide, autobiography, or memoir is like planting seeds in your backyard today that will grow into prolific fruit and vegetable plants and trees. Said plants and trees can help you feed you and your family for generations to come, plus nourish your brand by telling your story the way YOU want your followers to receive it. Your own words will leave nothing to interpretation and provide a clear path of inspiration and education for others. The beauty of planting these metaphorical  seeds is that once they are planted, they require very little maintenance in order to bear fruit.

Utilizing Printed Distribution

Doyen “Dolo” Grant of Dolo’s Fitness understood the benefits of self publishing and recently became a first time author with his 2018 independent release, LIFE|FITNESS|SUCCESS: Why Not You? Hundreds of his social media followers and actual fitness/nutrition clients embraced his project. They loved that it displayed a completely different dimension of his persona while highlighting his trademark inspirational quotes and one-liners. His release was nothing short of an independent success, even without the buzz of mainstream outlets. His photos, quotes, and life story are now a documented portion of world history. That is powerful.



Ebooks as a promotional tool

Digital ebooks are a phenomenal way to show off your literary skills while promoting your products, services, and brand. Ebooks are versatile in that they easily distributable and can be a used as a featured (paid) product or as a free sample/preview of additional services offered by a business or brand. These easily downloadable files can help build subscriber lists when used as a sign up incentive and provide a tangible, printable way for consumers to read, share, and promote your brand. Ebooks can even represent a compilation of your most popular articles or blog posts. One of the biggest perks of ebooks is that they are relatively easy to create and publish. Despite this ease and convenience, they can do wonders for your business, brand, or public profile.

The Versatility of Publishing

Publishing is not just for the long term. Paired with the right marketing strategy, it provides another intimate means for your followers to connect with you today. It also provides you with an immediately distributable or sellable product that can also double as a marketing tool. The possibilities are endless, as books tend to open doors for public speaking opportunities, coaching/mentorship roles, even screenplays. Any and every influencer needs this in their arsenal; and the good news is that it’s very doable.

Even an independent publisher, I highly recommend self publishing. Most influencers have probably already done some amazing things in their lives and own most or all of their current content. Entrepreneurs tend to value making their own schedule and working on their own projects. Share your story! Your most dedicated followers and clients are waiting for you to do just that. Self publishing facilitates the telling of your story, and the ownership aspect allows you to keep most of the profits. You can delegate the administrative and specialized portions of the project to us, while maintaining full author credit. With our services, there are no contractual obligations for follow up projects, excessive meetings, our exhaustive tours. Clients you move at their own pace, whether that is tortoise slow or light speed.

So take the first steps of pushing out that children’s book, framework or autobiography today. Your followers and bank account will one day thank you. 

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